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How to Create an Effective Hybrid Event

If you have years of experience in the event management industry as we do, you know how complicated it can be. Throughout the challenges of COVID-19, you have been surviving with virtual events. Now you can foresee and celebrate the day when live events will come roaring back. But will they come back entirely in person? […]

9 Tips for Increasing Engagement at Virtual Events

It’s no secret that digital (formally virtual) events have recently taken over from many traditional in-person events. Hosting a successful virtual event takes a different kind of planning. One question on the top of the event manager’s mind is, “How can I keep my virtual attendees engaged?” It’s certainly more manageable when you have a large group of people in […]

How To Sell Additional Sponsorships for Your Event

Selling more sponsorships for an event can seem like a daunting task. Suppose you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to manage everything effectively and efficiently. In that case, the following guide can teach you how to find unique ways to reach your audience and improve the guest experience at your event. It can […]

What Tools do I need for a Successful Hybrid Event?

Let’s say this louder for those in the back of the (virtual) room. COVID-19 has changed how many, if not most, companies and sectors conduct their business. This has especially been true for the event-planning industry. During the past year, conferences and meetings have moved from physical spaces and face-to-face occurrences to online platforms. Isolation and […]

9 Types of Data to Collect From Your Next Event

As an event manager, it’s important to know if your hard work planning the event paid off. Therefore, you need to collect and analyze relevant data to measure the success of your event, whether it’s in person, virtual or hybrid. Attendance is frequently used to gauge event success; however, this metric alone can’t provide you with enough information […]

How To Manage Your Event Vendors More Efficiently

Once you’ve determined the purpose, audience, and budget for your event, you’ll need to select vendors to help carry out your vision. Even if you’re a top-notch event manager, you can’t go at it alone. If you envision a wildly successful event, you’ll need to choose exceptional vendors. Employing vendors that are anything less than […]

How To Prepare for the Next Era of Events

From a complete industry shutdown to the rush into the virtual world, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly kept event professionals on their toes. As more and more people get vaccinated, the interest in in-person events has returned. However, this has created new challenges. Many event managers are unsure of what the future holds. In a […]