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Increased brand awareness
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Of business believe that it improves customer communication
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Of consumers made a purchase because they saw it on a digital signage
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More engaging than static signages
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4 out of 5 brands experienced increase in sales
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enhanced experience, enhanced results

Powered by eShow integration

This modern and sleek device highlights a hallmark of fully integrated eShow modules at your attendee’s disposal, and at the touch of your fingertips. 

Our digital signage features Live Data Syncing, Dual-Sided Display, 4K Resolution, and more!

Turn intention into integration

Optimize your tech stack

Incorporate Digital Signage to seamlessly guide your attendee’s through your events!

You Are Only As Good As The Event Management Suite You Are Using.

Let’s get started today, and elevate your events of tomorrow. 

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You are only as good as the event management suite you are using. 

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