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Your Hybrid event solution

A Powerful Versatile Dynamic Seamless Planning Experience

Combining the most important elements from in-person events, add in versatile content for digital experiences, to develop an immersive hybrid program.


Whether a smaller business event, or a world-wide conference, our hybrid tools synchronizes your efforts.


Your brand needs to spill over into every facet of your event, eShow’s Suite is designed to be creative. 


Connecting your in-person and remote audiences has never been easier. Stream your live event into the homes of your attendees.


Our API integrations facilitate your event planning experience with a persistent & user-friendly perspective. No stone will be left unturned.

Through innovative integrations, holistic data reporting, and attendee 

engagement products, hybrid events have never been easier.

All it takes is one

Multiple Locations, One Interface

Regardless of your attendee’s attendance type, your information only needs to be input once. We do the rest of the heavy lifting. 


Deliver an omni-registration experience for all attendee’s, regardless of how they plan to attend. Enabling a central planning point for all attendee registrations, relieve many planning pain points when merging audience management tasks.

Speaker & Session

Whether Virtual or In-Person, keep your speaker details and content organized while also keeping track of sessions and attendee’s.

Attendee tracking for educational sessions and CEU has never been easier! Whether we are scanning badges or providing technology for self-scanners to “green light” attendees, you will find an effortless system for tracking and accreditation sessions.

Abstract & Committee

Handle all pre-conference responsibilities of building a buzz-worthy programs in one platform. Including online paper submissions, peer committee reviews, and administrative monitoring.

Paired with a comprehensive Speaker Management system, you can seamlessly tie speakers to sessions, schedules and attendee lists.

Meeting Logistics Manager (MLM)

Organize event details, BEO’s, venue spaces, meals, A/V needs, exhibitor details and more, all at your fingertips!

With the ability to record all your conference planning quirks and integrate across modules, you can rest assured that every detail is covered, input into your planning documents and saved somewhere (besides an excel sheet). 

Exhibit Sales Management

Capitalize on a holistic system to create a floor plan, register, choose a booth, solicit for sponsorship packages and manage exhibitor details. When paired with our vendor management tool, exhibitor and general contractor coordination has never been easier.

Sponsorship & Partnerships

Sell sponsorships and partnerships through one access point, and one merchant account.

Positioned advantageously to capitalize on organic attendee and exhibitor behaviors, you are guaranteed to find an ROI greater  with less effort. Seamlessly transition your sponsors to mobile apps, websites, floor plan management and beyond.

Amplify your reach

Expand To A Global Audience

Use a plug-and-play venue or customized digital space that duplicates your in person offerings. The sky is the limit! Unique and inclusive avatars means everyone can be represented at an event with rich branding to push their organization’s mission forward.

An Event Portal to a

Seamless Attendee Experience

Mobile Apps

While mobile applications are less popular for remote guests, explore unique ways to deliver gamification, surveys and interactive conversations during your programming. 

SmartMatch Technology

Whether they are attending in-person or virtually, all attendee’s are able to connect and grow their connections. With 1-1 communications, appointment scheduling, SmartMatch Technology and receptions, there is a connection point for everyone.

AMS & CRM Integration Image

develop attendee trust

Safety and Responsive Efforts at on-site Events

Your attendee’s health should be a main priority regardless of your event size. Ensure safety at events for years to come with workflows and tools to enable best-practices, tracking and surveying in all programming.

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