Who? Where? Why?

This is our story.

About Us

Founded in 1996, eShow has helped event managers and organizers run thousands of events worldwide. Our goal is simple. eShow aims to provide our clients with the tools they need for their events and drive them to innovate how they promote, sell, manage, and implement their event programs.

Our business model is straightforward: eShow builds relationships and long-term success stories by providing our clients with excellent products and services. We do not believe in high-priced or gimmicky, one-shot deals. When joining the eShow family, you truly tap into a world of event resources and tools that only wants to see you succeed.

The eShow Difference

eShow’s breadth and depth of experience means you can enjoy a fully-integrated, customized, and branded experience. We don’t just hand over a platform and say “have fun!”, eShow values presenting a fully-immersive event through consistent collaboration and teamwork, therefore producing your perfect event.

The eShow Value


We may be biased, but our team of event professionals are some of the best in the industry. Why?  eShow’s team is an experienced, driven and supportive group of event experts that understand how to produce engaging programs that drives results. From conception to planning, to those inevitable fourteen-hour days, to wrapping up your event by delivering detailed data, our team is by your side.