Digital Event Management

Built to Deliver a Fully Immersive Experience

Our digital interface ensures seamless attendee engagement, exhibitor satisfaction, and sponsorship success. With customizable features like SmartMatch technology and scheduled meetings, attendees can connect effortlessly. Real-time reporting provides insights into event performance, while flexible content delivery options empower you to create impactful digital experiences.

Bringing everyone together with advanced online and onsite solutions


A Fully-Immersive Experience

With realistic imagery, create an energetic and satisfying environment your attendees would love to experience, with the event branding your organization desires.


Customize Your Virtual Venue​

Use a plug-and-play venue or a customized digital space that duplicates your in-person offerings. The sky is the limit!


Reporting & Dashboards

Receive real-time data on all attendees, exhibitors and sponsor activities.

Bi-Directional Success

Event success is built upon the happiness of the planners, attendees and sponsors. Utilizing a digital venue provides endless opportunity to create success across the board.

Content Delivery Your Way

Live, semi-live or pre-recorded sessions.

On-demand content to increase the event lifecycle and deliver long term results.

Upload all collateral ahead of time to ease presenter woes and planner stress.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped thousands of events succeed

Associations, Higher-Education, Medical Trainings to Tradeshows

Robyn J.
Association for Asian Studies
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In case I haven’t mentioned this before, we really like Eshow. Everything is very simple to learn and intuitive. That’s really important for us. We appreciate the assistance but also like that we have access to make some adjustments as needed on our own.
Kimberly H.
Eastern Analytical Symposium, Inc.
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The functionality, capability and integration with CRM is second to none. Tthe staff worked hard to accommodate our needs and made it happen. The autonomy this software provides to exhibitors and attendees really freed up my time to focus on other aspects of my job.
Laura S.
OneStream Software, LLC
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It's great to have all of our meeting needs under 1 platform with 1 login. The eShow platform is also robust and can meet all/most of your needs with the platform they currently have. We also appreciate there is support readily available when you need assistance or to setup a module and also they offer registration support onsite, as well.

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