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How to Spark Memorable Conversation At Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event

One of the beautiful things about in-person events is the ability to make true connections with the people you meet. Whether you’re interacting with clients, vendors, or speakers, there’s just something about being able to engage in natural, organic conversations. The good news is, it’s totally possible to spark memorable conversations during your virtual or […]

How to Host a Stellar Event on a Tight Budget

As an event manager, you may often find yourself having “champagne” aspirations for your events, but you’re working with a “beer budget.” A tight budget will require you to flex your event-planning muscles to make the most of the resources at your disposal. You can still pull off the successful events that you aspire to […]

The Future Of Event Planning – Expectations in the Post-Pandemic World

Slowly but surely, people are starting to emerge from lockdown and beginning to mingle once more. As this happens, governments focus on trusted vaccines to boost the level of immunity within the general population. Event planners may take some consolation from this situation and look forward to a sense of normality but, at the same […]

11 Essential Roles to Complete Your Virtual Event Team

Virtual events are getting bigger each year and it’s bound to get even bigger and bolder in the future. With bigger events coming at a rapid pace, bigger responsibilities are inevitable. As a planner, it is of utmost importance to compose a full team with a diverse set of skills and expertise that’s going to […]