Create A Trade Show Like None Other

From coordinating the perfect physical or virtual floor plan, to expert lead retrieval and analytics. 

We strive to preserve your sanity in preparation while taking care of organizational, visibility, and technical needs of exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees

For Event Managers

Our system makes managing the trade show details easy.

Easy-to-use and customizable Portals

Everything is streamlined, from our single-source Registration Portal to our abstract management tools. Employ tiered pricing options, dynamic forms and demographic info collection and reporting right from registration; always scanning for allotments, sold-outs, waitlists, and seats remaining. 

Team and exhibitor communication

Send out eBlasts about housing and travel reminders and changes, or take advantage of our two-way flow of information with attendees and exhibitors right from the registration process.

Accessible ADMIN with ease-of-access

Our Floor Plan module is easy to use with drag and drop booths and company names. Make adjustments at any time and send it to your decorator for updates. Exhibit Sales lets you manage invoices easily, balance due information, and communicate and oversee your exhibitors with email blasts and reporting.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Ensure your vendors capture every sale lead. Lead retrieval process that provides you with onsite support and training to ensure you get full attendee details, tracking, and reporting.

7 Ways to Prepare for your Hybrid Event

Data is power: Virtual Event Management solutions

Our 360-degree, fully-immersive digital event interface gives your exhibitors full access to analytics data; booth popularity, the full list of unique attendees currently logged into the event, as well as joined webinars, visited booths, and listed information, and more.

Exhibitor autonomy through customization and communication

In our Exhibit Sales module, exhibitors select and fully customize their booths, add sponsorships, complete contracts, and make secure credit card payments.

VEM allows for two-way communication via live chat and video options, so that exhibitors and sponsors candeliver customized product information to attendees.

Optimize visibility to maximize sales and engagement

Market products before, during, and after the event on the Floor Plan. Exhibitor profiles are easily searchable, and our SmartMatch technology will even match attendee interests with relevant exhibitor products and services. 

Sponsors can conveniently showcase themselves in high-traffic areas, sponsor eBags, choose from different size banners, sponsor sessions and keynotes, and more.


Gift your attendees convenience and accessibility. Whether it’s an immaculate virtual or in-person registration experience with pre-population of attendee information via AMS integration that allows them to pick sessions, or the VEM Wallet to make one-click, secured purchases, make it effortless for your attendees.

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