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Leverage our comprehensive suite of exhibit management tools to prioritize valuable data collection, streamline floor plan management, and maximize exhibit sales. Foster rich networking experiences and ensure each event you host is both meaningful and impactful with features designed to elevate attendee interaction and streamline lead retrieval. Optimize your approach and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Lay the groundwork for long-term growth and expansion.

Efficient Exhibit Management Made Simple

An Intuitive Logistics Manager

Experience the power of seamless integration with eShow’s intuitive logistics manager. Our comprehensive solutions ensure smooth operations for your conference, whether it’s fully online, in person, or a hybrid event. From start to finish, eShow connects every aspect of your exhibit management for a flawless and cohesive experience.


Exhibit Sales Management

Exhibitors can easily select boothsadd sponsors, and smoothly manage all functions of shopping and finances; they even get access to VEM Exhibitor Analytics for a smart, enhanced experience. Utilize our administrative tools to manage your exhibitors financially (and beyond) with reportingeBlastsinvoicing, and more.



Floor Plan Management

Go beyond just transforming your hard copy into a virtual, interactive, adjustable floor plan model. Our floor plan module makes navigation intentional and productive for your attendees by allowing them to search exhibitors by name, product, or category.


Lead Retrieval

Self-powered and easy-to-use, our compact and portable units will help you take entrepreneurship to the next level. Our on-the-ground experts can’t wait to equip you with all you need to know for attendee detail tracking, Excel reporting, CEU verification and more. We make this as easy for exhibitors as it is for event managers.



RFID Tracking

Follow the heat maps to understand the busy zones, times and areas. Digest show data in a tangible way with industry-leading RFID technology.

This no-touch, automated RFID tracking system is also an innovative, 98.5% accurate, noninvasive way to contact trace attendees at your events. 


Networking & Appointments

Catapult into intentional connection with eShow SmartMatch technology. 

Our algorithm matches attendees and exhibitors through a scoring system based on interests and related products and services. Both parties gain relevant information and connection, and exhibitors boost their ROI with more exposure.

Our happy customers

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Associations, Higher-Education, Medical Trainings to Tradeshows

Robyn J.
Association for Asian Studies
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In case I haven’t mentioned this before, we really like Eshow. Everything is very simple to learn and intuitive. That’s really important for us. We appreciate the assistance but also like that we have access to make some adjustments as needed on our own.
Kimberly H.
Eastern Analytical Symposium, Inc.
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The functionality, capability and integration with CRM is second to none. Tthe staff worked hard to accommodate our needs and made it happen. The autonomy this software provides to exhibitors and attendees really freed up my time to focus on other aspects of my job.
Laura S.
OneStream Software, LLC
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It's great to have all of our meeting needs under 1 platform with 1 login. The eShow platform is also robust and can meet all/most of your needs with the platform they currently have. We also appreciate there is support readily available when you need assistance or to setup a module and also they offer registration support onsite, as well.

You Are Only As Good As The Event Management Suite You Are Using.

No matter what you do, you reap the benefits of smart tools developed by an agile, experienced company stacked with event professionals.

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You are only as good as the event management suite you are using. 

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