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From meeting logistics and speaker session management to abstract and committee oversight, our tools are tailored to ensure every aspect of your event is professionally managed. Experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in organizing conferences, allowing you to focus on delivering a standout event.

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An Intuitive Logistics Manager

We understand that everything is better when everything is connected. Whether online, in person, or a hybrid, eShow provides integrated solutions that will make your conference run smoothly, beginning to end.


Meeting Logistics Manager (MLM)

Keep a million details at your fingertips and enjoy having the power to shape and share the information as needed. A versatile tool that utilizes your specifications to orchestrate all the details for receptions, board/committee meetings, focus groups, lunches, exhibitor functions, and other gatherings.


Speaker & Session Management

With a centralized hub for all things speaker and sessions, you can count on program success. Through a smart system, we can help clarify any issues that may arise, technology needs, content management, and allow speakers to take control of their sessions.


Abstract & Committee Management

Streamline your entire abstract submissions through painless and bi-directional systems. You will be able to handle all your pre-conference needs including online submissions, peer committee reviews, and administrative monitoring.


How It Helps

The Conference Modules and Meeting Logistics Manager (MLM) starts with broad parameters such as your dates and venue and then begins narrowing the focus to have you select room sets, food and beverage choices, and even the AV equipment, electrical requirements, signage, and other supplies. 

Staff time and travel arrangements can also be factored in, and when other user groups are involved, the MLM helps you create forms to assemble their needs and requests directly in the module. Details are organized and easy to see at every stage.


Reports, Sheets, BEO's And More

The MLM also pushes your meeting plans straight into the reports you need. The powerfulintuitive module generates your function sheets/banquet event orders (BEOs), as well as expense reports and staff schedules. 

Your event information flows across the MLM and can be filtered, customized, and distributed based on your choices. 

The module even creates a Contractor Service Center, allowing you to give your vendors 24/7 access to worksheets with the real-time information that applies to them.

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Robyn J.
Association for Asian Studies
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In case I haven’t mentioned this before, we really like Eshow. Everything is very simple to learn and intuitive. That’s really important for us. We appreciate the assistance but also like that we have access to make some adjustments as needed on our own.
Kimberly H.
Eastern Analytical Symposium, Inc.
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The functionality, capability and integration with CRM is second to none. Tthe staff worked hard to accommodate our needs and made it happen. The autonomy this software provides to exhibitors and attendees really freed up my time to focus on other aspects of my job.
Laura S.
OneStream Software, LLC
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It's great to have all of our meeting needs under 1 platform with 1 login. The eShow platform is also robust and can meet all/most of your needs with the platform they currently have. We also appreciate there is support readily available when you need assistance or to setup a module and also they offer registration support onsite, as well.

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