An All-In-One Event Management System for Hybrid, In-Person and Virtual Events

An event management system and full-service support, along with the tools to manage the whole ecosystem of an event.

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When our clients select eShow, they tap into a powerful engine that no single-function supplier can hope to match.

As a result, you are guaranteed to increase event engagement, boost your event ROI and develop a powerful event community while lightening your event planning tasks.


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Beyond Event KPIs: Developing a Comprehensive Data Journey

January 13, 2022 | 2pm EST

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Learn what can be used beyond your usual data collection practices in your next event and how to drive your database into a bigger ROI by joining in this webinar. Measure your event’s success from different angles such as registrants and attendance, exhibitor data, areas for engagements, and so much more.

All Your Event Management Solutions
Under One Umbrella

We’ve been digital since 1996 – this isn’t new for us.

Association, tradeshow and conference leaders worldwide trust eShow to offer a fully customizable, reliable and comprehensive event platform to ensure success, regardless of your event delivery method.

Our team of production experts are your personal event support system to ensure success, grow your community and provide a seamless experience for all attendees, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors.

Event Management Products & Services

Registration Management

Registration Management Image, event management system

Build a registration hub that does it all: data collection, dynamic forms, proper authentications, tiered pricing, and more.

Use for hybrid, virtual, or in-person events.

Housing & Travel Management

Housing & Travel Management Image, event management system

Your housing and registration can be fully integrated for attendees, exhibitors, and speaker’s conference registration and hotel reservation needs.

Exhibit Sales & Floor Plan Management

Exhibit Sales & Floor Plan Management Image,event management system

An easy to use web-based module that transforms your hard copy floor plan to an online floor plan and so much more.

AMS & CRM Integration

AMS & CRM Integration Image, event integration

Put your membership and event information on a two-way street that works with our robust AMS integration capabilities.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Image, event management system

Create deeper participation and engagement with our customizable Mobile App.

Virtual Event Mangement (VEM) Platform

Virtual Event Mangement (VEM) Platform Image, event management system

Take your traditional offline event virtual by translating your exhibit hall, education, and networking, into a highly customizable virtual world.

Meeting Logistics Manager

Meeting Logistics Manager Image, event management system

Consider the Meeting Logistics Manager as your command center where all your event logistics and meeting details are located in one place.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval Photo, event management system

Our attendance tracking service is as simple for exhibitors as it is for event managers. Collect and process the data you in the way you need it.

Abstract & Committee Management

Abstract & Committee Management Image, event management system

This tool is designed to collect abstracts, posters, papers, presentations, and applications while allowing you to handle your pre-conference needs.

Event Website

Event Website Image, event management system

Create a personalized and branded event website- with a fraction of the headache! Integrate all event tools and modules to create a seamless and easy attendee experience.

RFID Attendee Tracking

RFID Attendee Tracking Image, event management system

Onsite registration clients can track show floor participation and session tracking using state of the art RFID tracking systems.

Speaker & Session Management, event management system

Speaker & Session Management Image, event management system

Bring your entire event schedule and data into one easy to manage system that gives you the ability to manage and monitor all areas of your event.

Networking & Appointment Management

Networking & Appointment Management Image

Maximize trade show potential for both attendees and exhibitors by extending their reach and revenue opportunities.

Banquet & Seating Management

Banguet & Seating Management Image

With our tool you will be able to manage requests, provide table rosters, allow seat selection and sponsor purchases, and much more.

Data Entry & Call Center

Data Entry & Call Center Image

eShow offers the highest level of service for our data entry and call center, both housed in our corporate headquarters.

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