Networking & Appointment Management

Networking & Appointment Management

Maximize Tradeshow Potential

eShow’s interactive Networking & Appointment Management portal gives show organizers, attendees, and exhibitors easier ways to plan and profit from the tradeshow experience. Attendees and exhibitors can connect with their ideal suppliers and buyer prospects, before, during, and after the show. While show organizers can extend their reach and revenue opportunities – not just the few days surrounding the event, but months and even the year surrounding it. 

Match Attendee Interests with Exhibitors
eShow assists in planning attendee activities before the start of the show and supplies a list that matches products and services to attendee interest(s). Attendees are also able to request appointments with exhibitors. The exhibitor has the capability to accept, change, or deny appointments.

  • Edit profile
  • View planner
  • Print planner
  • Browse exhibitors
  • Add exhibitor to planner
  • List appointments
  • Add personal entries
  • List available appointments for exhibitor
  • New appointments (Sends email to exhibitor)
  • Cancel appointments (Sends email to exhibitor)
  • View and print floor plan
  • Edit Profile
  • Exhibitor Service Center Login
  • Appointment Management
  • New Appointments
  • Edit Appointments
  • List Appointments
  • View Planner
  • Print Planner
  • View Attendee Contact Information