Banquet & Seating Management

Banquet & Seating Management

Manage your Banquets Simply and Effectively

In the service centers, seat and table selections may be changed, seat assignments made, and table rosters made available for tracking. Table sponsors also have the capability to distribute event tickets or have them printed on attendee badges. Attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors can purchase tables and seats for single or multiple events through the online registration form. Table and seat selections may be made at the time of registration or at a later date.

Banquet Module

Banquet Layout Features:
  • Multiple hall layout styles including banquet tables & theater/stadium seating
  • Table color grouping
  • Banquet hall layout outline and graphics
Sponsor Management Features:
  • Table sponsor comp pass distribution methods
  • Table access code restriction process
  • Table group restriction
  • Skip table/seat selection for later date
  • Sponsor managed seat assignments
Onsite Management Features:
  • Table roster display page
  • Event ticket badge printing
  • Event inventory reporting
  • Individual event seating rosters