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How To Use Impactful Data To Improve Your Events

From choosing the perfect location to planning your promotion strategy, countless decisions go into organizing a top-notch event. Using past experiences to make educated decisions is nothing new. However, today’s technology makes it easy to collect a wealth of data. This makes decision-making a breeze and helps make each event better than the last.  Data-driven […]

Experiential Marketing To Liven Up Your Event

Today’s consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day – and they’re getting burned out. The constant influx of marketing messages has led people to simply ignore the bulk of them. This makes it incredibly difficult for brands to get through the defenses consumers have built up and influence their buying decisions. Marketers and […]

How to Successfully Handle Hunger at Your Event

It’s physiologically given that we need food to survive. Food primes our organic engines, and much like animals in the wild, if we don’t eat, we die. But how we differ from our animal counterparts is what we eat is more than a means to survival. Food also offers an emotional connection. You probably have […]

The AV Producer is Key to Legendary Events

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual and hybrid events have obviously increased in popularity. To compensate for the lack of in-person connection, businesses and organizations have sought innovative ways to engage audiences while simultaneously meeting their event goals. To hold audiences’ attention during virtual and hybrid events, event managers have taken advantage of […]