About Us

About Us

Founded in 1996, eShow has helped Event Managers and personnel run thousands of events worldwide. Our goal is to not only provide our clients with the tools they need for their event; but to drive our clients to innovate how they promote, sell, manage, and implement their events. Our business model is simple: eShow builds relationships and long-term success stories by providing our clients with excellent products and services. We do not believe in high priced or gimmicky, one-shot deals. 

The real power of eShow comes from the synergy that has been developed between all our tools and web-based products. Because of this eShow provides its clients unique advantages that are unmatched in the industry, including powerful value-added services such as free customization, feature development, and green products and suggestions, as well as advanced add on services like website management, exhibit sales support, and onsite support.

eShow’s breadth and depth of experience means you enjoy a fully integrated, customized, and branded experience where every aspect of your event is managed and complemented with an equally strong counterpart. All of this is supported by a team that truly understands how an event is produced, from conception to planning, to those inevitable fourteen-hour days executing your event on the show floor, and finally wrap up.

In this time of “finding the new normal”, we are taking what we have learned over the last 24 years and are helping our clients pivot to their new normal. We are taking the many face-to-face event experiences we have and are helping the event industry pivot to all three event models: in-person, digital/virtual, and hybrid event spaces. At eShow, we focus on the full event experience, no matter what that looks like. This means eShow considers every step along the way including registration, networking, accessing sessions, making purchases, and even visiting the expo hall. We understand what it takes to make a great in-person event, take those same aspects, and roll them up into a seamless online event. Learn more about eShow’s Virtual Event Management (VEM®) platform and how we can help you transition seamlessly.

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We are proudly a part of and certified by the following organizations:

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To learn more about what our memberships and certifications mean to you, contact sales@goeshow.com.